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Regional Centre of Leadership for Legumes and Legume based Farming Systems.

Component Three

  • Hosting and participation in World Bank Implementation Support Missions across the three APPSA implementing countries
  • Participating in National and Regional workshops focusing on M & E, Technology Dissemination, Communication and Knowlegde Management
  • Development of Science Agenda for ZARI
  • Screeining of all Research and Development projects on Environmental and Social Safeguard

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Arising from the recommendations of the last implementation mission, APPSA Zambia undertook the revision of the procurement plan to prioritize the works and laboratory equipment in line with the available resource envelope. In the plan for the remaining period of the year, Mount Makulu and Kabwe Research Stations were prioritized for laboratory equipment being procured through UNOPS and Mount Makulu, Kabwe and Golden Valley Research Stations were prioritized for irrigation infrastructure. The training plan was also updated to take stock status of staff development and indication of the year of completion of their training programme. As a result of these undertakings, the Annual work plan and budget for the remaining period of 2017 and the projected budget allocation for the Program from 2018 to 2019 were in turn prepared.

Component 3 as at December 2017

Component 3 finances three main categories of activities: At national level, APPSA is financing project coordination activities, including planning and budgeting, management and administration, monitoring and evaluation, safeguards compliance, and regional engagement. Regional facilitation by CCARDESA:

At the regional level, APPSA finances regional facilitation activities including: (i) planning, monitoring and evaluation activities related to regional collaboration; (ii) regional exchange of information, knowledge and technologies; and (iii) technical assistance and capacity building many of which are carried out by CCARDESA.